Since 1995, our company produces scarf, hat, gloves, shawls and other accesories promotional products.



Until 2000 the production was made under different names. More productive company structure has been formed under the name of company as FONEM TEXTILE IMPORT EXPORT TRADE AND INDUSTRY LİMİTED COMPANY in 2000 . Daily production capacity is approximately between 6 and 8 thousand. Production capacity can be increased according to demand. Our products are marketed both domestically and also exported to several foreign countries.

Also a lot of famous brand apparel is to be produced. Our company services with 60 employees and with our company’s own machineries and equipments. Besides the business of approximately 200 knitting housewife who works. we believe that we will make more successful works with New demands and suggestions of our customers. Expected to work with us, we wish the beautiful day.